What is the turn-around time for your items?

Most of my handmade items are made and ready to ship in 3-5 business days. If you order a large quantity, your order may take a few days longer. During busy seasons (July, August, and December) this timeframe may be longer. Please see shop announcements for accurate processing timeframes.
* Orders are only shipped Monday-Friday.

 Can you guarantee a delivery date for your items?

Due to circumstances out of my control, I cannot guarantee delivery dates. If you need your order shipped quickly, feel free to contact me for options. Generally, domestic first-class shipping is 3-7 days and domestic priority mail is 1-3 days per the USPS but not guaranteed. Most international is 6-10 days. This does not include the timeframe to make the item prior to shipping.
*International buyers, please familiarize yourself with any customs fees you may be charged for international orders. Customs fees are not the responsibility of the seller.
* Orders are only shipped Monday-Friday.

 Gift wrapping and packaging

Lanyards & badge reels come in a small organza bag. I include an packing slip in the envelope however the cost of the item has been removed. Generally, all items are shipped in a bubble wrap envelope with the postage label on the outside.
Gift wrapping is offered for an additional fee. You can add it on during checkout.

 Do you send an invoice/packing slip with each order?

Yes. I include a packing slip with each order. This helps me assure I am shipping the correct item. The price has been removed in case the item is a gift. It shows the buyers name/address, item purchased and any notes to the seller. If you do not want a packing slip included in your order, please leave a note to seller at the time of purchase. If you marked that the item was a gift it will print any message you typed out for the individual as well.

 What sizes are the lanyards?

Generally, all lanyards are 5/8” wide and average 20” (40” total circle) long not including the hardware. The listing will say what size is shown. If you would like it to be a skinny lanyard (1/2”) or a thicker lanyard (1”) please send a note to seller during checkout for no additional charge. Also, if you would like the lanyard to be shorter, please send a message to seller during checkout. The most common sizes are 18”, 19”, 20” and 21”. If you would like an extra-long lanyard contact me for a price.

 Sizing details

The best way to determine the correct length for you is to drape a loose measuring tape around the back of your neck and bring the ends together where you want your lanyard to lay. This measurement does not include your ID or hardware, so it will be longer once those are added on. If you already have a lanyard lay it flat on a table, measure from the back of the neck to the tip of the hardware to determine the length.

 Can I change the hardware or the fabric?

Of course! Please leave a note to seller during checkout with the hardware you would like. The sizes of hardware are: 1/2", 3/4", 1" and the lobster clasps with a keyring are approximately 1". Colors available are gold, sliver, gunmetal black and rose gold.
Please note that if you choose a skinny lanyard (1/2" wide), the hardware may be larger. There are different styles of hardware as well, some are round and some are rectangular.
If you see a fabric print you would like or an item that is sold out please contact me to see if I have the materials create your item or relist the sold-out item.


What do the different style options mean?

 Non-Breakaway – A non-breakaway lanyard is a regular lanyard with a complete loop around the neck. 

 Breakaway- A breakaway lanyard features a plastic safety breakaway snap generally placed on the back of the neck.  A tug on the lanyard and the lanyard “breaks away”.

 Side Release – A  side release is a buckle placed towards the bottom of the lanyard. It requires you to push the sides to remove the lower portion. This is convenient for individuals that must remove keys or USB frequently and reduces awkward bending over. When the lower part is removed it leaves the larger loop still around your neck. A lot of individuals going on a cruise like this option, so they can remove the lower part to pay for drinks or slide their room key. This style automatically comes with a breakaway at the neck.

 Lanyard with Matching Badge Reel -  You can still choose any style above and receive a matching badge reel.  The matching badge reel has the same fabric and is made on a belt reel .  You can hang the badge reel from your lanyard or wear it separately depending on your style/outfit. This lanyard will be shortened to 18” in length.  You can message me for a custom listing if you need a heavy duty badge reel.


What do the different style options for badge reels?

Premium Reel – Premium reel can hold up to 2 ounces (2 keys or 2 ID’s).  It has a smooth nylon cord that extends 36 inches.  It’s been tested to last up to 1 million pulls. This is the most popular option in the shop.

Heavy Duty Reel – Heavy duty reel can hold 4 ounces (4 keys or 4 ID’s).  It also has a smooth nylon cord but only extends 24 inches.  It has been tested to last up to 1 million pulls.  This is popular for nurses and doctors that need to hold more weight on their badge reels.

Alligator – Alligator clip opens up and rotates 360 degrees. It’s also known as a swivel clip.  This is good for pulling your badge reel and it will swivel in the direction pulled without coming off clothing.

Belt – Belt clip has a flat back and clips on to belts, waistband of clothing or pockets.  It does not swivel so if pulled in an opposite direction it may pop off of clothing.

Care instructions

Lanyards can be machine washed. HOWEVER, the hardware may tarnish or oxidize when exposed to water. If you choose to machine wash your items use cold water on a delicate cycle. Air dry and use an iron as needed. You may also spot clean the items. All badge reels need to be spot cleaned only. You can also scotch guard to your items to help repeal dirt and stains.